The nursing team at Cambridge Equine Hospital comprises Amy Newman, Lynn Martin, Stephanie Moss, Charlie Bennett and Sarah Seaman as Head Nurse. Our nursing team works alongside the vets to take care of your horse in the hospital, including administering treatments, placing intravenous catheters, assistance in theatre, performing bandage changes and in-patient care.

We offer a trainee position every four years as part of an Equine Veterinary Nurse Diploma.

Dennis Coote is our Equine Technician, who assists the team on the yard with the general care of your horse.

First Opinion Practice
To book a routine visit or get emergency help (24 hours), please call: 01223 760535
Equine Hospital
To make an appointment or refer a horse in as an emergency (24 hours): 01223 746571
01223 337621
Cambridge Vet School
RCVS Accredited

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