Lameness Investigations

Dr. Fran Henson is an orthopaedic specialist with significant expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of back pathology and complex lameness cases. We offer a comprehensive lameness investigation service to patients from the first opinion practice and we also work in concert with local vets referring cases in for further evaluation.

Diagnostic analgesic techniques, or nerve blocks, are used initially in most cases to localize the source of the pain, at which point different imaging modalities, including ultrasonography, radiography and scintigraphy, are used to assess the affected area. However, in some cases the referring veterinarian has already identified the site of lameness and wishes to opt directly for imaging – all requests can be accommodated.  Facilities include dedicated trot-up and covered indoor arena.


Innovative treatment modalities such as IRAP, platelet-rich plasma injections and shockwave therapy are used routinely.  The hospital also has significant expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of complex upper-limb lameness and back pathology.

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For enquiries, please contact Dr. Fran Henson on: 01223 746571

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