Central Diagnostic Services (CDS) is a purpose-built laboratory, offering clinical pathology services to the Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital and other veterinary practices across the UK. CDS is staffed by experienced Clinical Pathologists and Technicians and is equipped with state-of-the-art analysers, which are backed up by detailed quality control programmes. The advantage of having this resource on-site means that vets at CEH obtain urgent laboratory results quickly, with same-day reporting on haematology, biochemistry and cytology tests on samples submitted. A full microbiology service is also provided, including culture and sensitivity, faecal analysis and ectoparasite diagnosis.

For further information, please call CDS receptionist Hazel Bleet on 01223 337625 or email Clinical Pathology for a brochure and price list.

Clinical Staff:

  • Joy Archer
  • Francesco Cian
  • Tim Williams

The Pathology Laboratory provides routine and specialized histopathological services for the Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital and other veterinary practices across the UK. The staff have many years’ experience in Veterinary Pathology and the laboratory provides facilities for post-mortem examination. Routine examination involves histological analysis of fixed tissue samples, but we also have a wide panel of immunohistochemical markers for further investigations in oncology cases.

For further information, or to contact one of our team of pathologists, please contact reception on 01223 337703.

Clinical Staff:

  • Alun Williams
  • Fernando Constantino-Casas
  • Kate Hughes
  • Angelika Rupp

First Opinion Practice
To book a routine visit or get emergency help (24 hours), please call: 01223 760535
Equine Hospital
To make an appointment or refer a horse in as an emergency (24 hours): 01223 746571
01223 337621
Cambridge Vet School
RCVS Accredited

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