Internal Medicine

The hospital provides an internal medicine referral service under the care of Vikki Scott. The medicine service deals with all types of medical problems, from emergencies to elective investigation of chronic disorders.

Our medicine service accepts all colic referrals, from emergency investigation of acute cases to detailed investigation of recurrent colic cases. Patients with contagious, or suspected contagious diseases, including diarrhoea, can be admitted into the isolation facilities. We work alongside our on-site laboratory, staffed by recognised specialists in clinical pathology and pathology, to help us reach accurate diagnoses rapidly.


CEH also provides a high-quality internal medicine service for respiratory diseases, cardiac assessment, neonatal and older foal diseases, weight loss, dermatological disorders and endocrinological conditions, including assessment of suspected Equine Metabolic Syndrome and pars pituitary intermedia dysfunction (PPID; also known as Equine Cushing’s Disease). We additionally welcome all types of neurological and neuromuscular cases, having ACVIM specialist expertise in this field. Ancillary diagnostic procedures available for assessment of these cases includes CSF analysis, vertebral digital radiography, cervical myelography, nerve and muscle biopsy, electromyography and are one of the few hospitals in the UK equipped to perform transcranial magnetic stimulation.

For further enquiries, please contact Vikki Scott on: 01223 746571

First Opinion Practice
To book a routine visit or get emergency help (24 hours), please call: 01223 760535
Equine Hospital
To make an appointment or refer a horse in as an emergency (24 hours): 01223 746571
01223 337621
Cambridge Vet School
RCVS Accredited

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