The signs of dental disease in the horse may include weight loss, quidding, problems when ridden, headshaking, nasal discharge or even choke. Some horses, however will continue to eat even with advanced dental disease.

We recommend a dental check once a year in the absence of any problems or every six months in older horses or those with dental issues. The hospital provides a comprehensive dental service ranging from routine dental rasps to the treatment of periodontitis, diastema widening, investigation of sinusitis and oral or surgical tooth extraction.

For routine dental treatment at your yard, please call 01223 760535 to make an appointment.

For advanced dental treatment, including dental x-rays, cheek tooth removal and diastema widening, please call 01223 746571 for an appointment at the hospital

For further information please read about equine dental care.CambridgeEquineHospital_Button40

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To book a routine visit or get emergency help (24 hours), please call: 01223 760535
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To make an appointment or refer a horse in as an emergency (24 hours): 01223 746571
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